Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney for Property Services
An Attorney for Property looks after financial decisions for someone deemed unable to do so. These decisions can include bill payments, making living arrangements, coordination of homecare services, hiring of healthcare professionals, financial oversight, filing of taxes, making purchases on your behalf and any other financial responsibilities of the person.
Who Can We Help?
We can help you if:
  • Those you trust don’t have the appropriate professional skillsets
  • Those you trust are elderly or may predecease you
  • Those you trust live far away or in other legal jurisdictions
  • Those you trust live busy lives
  • Those you trust are unable or unwilling to help
  • Those you trust need the full support of a professional
  • Those you trust need partial support from a professional
  • You don’t have anyone appropriate to appoint
How We Help
Legacy Private Trust Can be Appointed as:
  • Sole Attorney for Property
  • Co- Attorney for Property with a family member or trusted friend
  • Alternate Attorney for Property for both spouses if the primary Attorney for Property is unable or unwilling to act when the time comes
  • Agent to an individual who is acting as Attorney for Property, to help them with some or all of the tasks involved
Duties and Responsibilities Include:
  • Meeting any of your immediate care needs
  • Meeting with your family
  • Safeguarding and overseeing the management of your assets
  • Maintaining a budget
  • Managing your taxes
  • Regular and ongoing record keeping
  • Oversight of your investments and investment manager
  • Managing your expenditures
  • Honouring the terms of your Will
  • Many other duties as required by your unique personal circumstances
We always make sure to work very closely with your chosen Attorney for Personal Care to make the best possible arrangements.
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Personal Estate Plan Services
Personal Estate Plan Services
“We work alongside those you trust to ensure you are cared for.”
–Andrea Love