Charitable Giving and Foundations
Charitable Giving & Non-Profit Services
One key aspect in any estate plan is the careful consideration of charitable giving. Some prefer to give an outright gift through their wills, while others choose to leave a lasting gift in the form of a charitable remainder trust, setting up a private foundation or using a donor-advised foundation, such as the Legacy Private Trust Foundation.
At Legacy Private Trust, we can assist families in the expert management of their charitable gifts so they can focus on giving.
Duties and Responsibilities Can Include:
  • Managing incoming and outgoing donations
  • Calculating disbursement quotas
  • Investment oversight
  • Reviewing submissions from charities to receive funds
  • Reviewing scholarship applications
  • Annual reporting and tax filings
  • Regular review and ongoing management
  • Ongoing administration, and more
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Charitable Foundations and Non-Profit Services
Charitable Foundations and Non-Profit Services
“We can assist families in many ways to ensure that their gift is lasting."
-James B. Love, Founder